Modeling Opportunity with Bump Meet Baby on Thursday, July 27th 11am-3pm
images provided for your time

at the BMB Studio in Park Circle

Are you ready to create priceless memories?

Now that you've filled out the contact form....

Please email a photo of baby (without a hat)

as well as a photo of mom and dad


be sure to put your name in the subject line


Does it cost anything?

No. If chosen, you will receive any final images taken in full high resolution with a print release for your time. I do not limit the amount of images received or charge you for extras. If I end up taking 50-60 images then you get them all free of charge.

What am I modeling for?

I will be filming a 'how to' video on how I pose and capture my newborn sessions and that includes how I pose my parents. There will be a videographer filming and I will be talking to the camera as if I were teaching another photographer present.

What do I have to do?

You DO NOT need to be a 'model' in any way. I will pose and guide you the way I do for any of my clients. Just stand there, hold your baby and be present in the moment.

What do we wear?

I have a full wardrobe for Mom, but Dad will need to bring a white shirt and khaki pants. A full prep guide will be sent to the chosen family.

Can I bring my other kids?

This video is concentrated on parents and baby and we aren't capturing sibling images at this time, and while the studio is very child friendly, we ask that they not be present to not be distracting while filming.

What types of pictures will you be taking?

If you aren't familiar with my work then please take a look around my website and my instagram to make sure you'll love what I capture if chosen as my model family. My style is very simple and I don't use color, props or studio lights. Pure. Simple. Natural all the way.

When would we get our pictures back?

I have an insanely fast turn around time for all my clients. I tell you a week but it's usually faster than that. I want you to enjoy your images while your baby is still a newborn.