Your families memories preserved for all time. Hold them in your hand and remember how tiny they once were.

XO, Tamara

Boxed Prints

A beautiful way to showcase every image form your gallery or just a handful of meaningful ones. The boxed print set includes your choice of a 4x6 glass and brass box or a cream linen box. Your prints will be sized 4x6 in a linen cardstock with a white frame around each image. Each image is made to last.

Boxed Prints are priced at $150 + $2.50 per image chosen.

Heirloom Albums

Hold your memories in your hands and preserve them for all time. These Heirloom Albums are meant to last and document your most special moments.

Albums come in your desired size with 20 pages or 10 spreads. Additional pages may be added to include more images at $25 per page. Page widths come in thick or thin pages.

Sizes & Cost

8x8 - $600

10x10 -$700

12x12 - $800

When ordering an Album you may add a companion album that will be an exact replica of your album but in a smaller size. This is perfect for Grandparents.

Companion Albums come sized 5x5 for $200

Choosing your cover options: Below you will see the colors and options for your cover. Make note that debossing is not available on Linen covers.


You can add text in a blind or gold/white debossing on your cover. Please note that debossing is not available for linen covers or companion albums.

Let's order your album!

Please fill out the order form to select your options. Once received you I will let you know how to favorite your images from your gallery to select to use in your album or prints. You will be able to preview and approve final design on the album before ordering.

please write up to two lines of text and what font you would like it in as well as color (blind on distressed leather, gold/white on other leathers). If none, write NONE.

Companion Album $200 Please write the cover option and color if adding a companion album. If none, write none.