Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your chid.

Tina Brown

what does your session look like?

Welcoming your new little baby is a momentous occasion. I also know it can be a little stressful and overwhelming. That is why I strive to give you a seamless experience from start to finish. If you are given a C-section date or an induction date we can usually identify your session date in advance so you can plan ahead. I will send over a fully detailed prep guide to help you anticipate the session and be prepare the day of. If you are expecting twins please note that there is no additional charge. The more the merrier. 

Once you arrive at the studio for your session you will feed/change baby in order to settle them down to sleep for the remainder of the session. I encourage you to enjoy a cup of coffee, nibble on a donut, finish getting ready and watch as I work to capture all the sweet details of your baby. My studio has a full playroom so if you have toddlers or young siblings with you they will love to play with the new toys, watch a Disney movie and enjoy some snacks. I like to wait for a bit when capturing sibling images because I want your other children to get to know me and feel comfortable in the studio before asking them to hold their new baby for the camera. If your toddler isn't too keen on their new sibling I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try and capture that sibling image for you.

I keep the studio a warm 75-80 degrees as well as use a heating pad to ensure your little one stays warm and comfortable throughout the session. Newborn safety is my number one priority during our time together. I do not pose your little one in awkward or trendy poses. Your baby is always wrapped, cradled, held or supported at all times. Because of this I do not use props in my sessions. 

My newborn style is pure, simple, natural. I want to give you timeless imagery and I do this by photographing on white and keeping things light, bright and airy. I do keep an ever expanding studio wardrobe of dresses/shirts and some toddler clothing to keep the look of the images cohesive and it helps you to not have to purchase additional clothing before hand. I love including the whole family in the session. I know that being photographed just a week or so after delivery doesn't sound appealing but rest assured I aim to keep images flattering and I use all the posing tricks to make you look amazing. 

Newborn sessions are best reserved 1-3months in advance. If your baby has already arrived please inquire about last minute availability. 

If you have any questions about a newborn session please do not hesitate to ask!

Your natural newborn session Includes:

~2-3hour session at the BMB Studio only

~ 50-75 fully edited images with a print release

~black and white copies of all images

~use of studio wardrobe

~whole family included

~ 1week turnaround time

~Total cost: $950

~ $200 retainer is required at booking to reserve a future date/time. Availability based on due date month. Remaining balance due after your session takes place and when your gallery is ready. 

~Payment plans available. No images will be released until your gallery is paid in full.


How far in advance do I book a newborn?

The best time to book is between 24-30 weeks gestation. This allows me to make room on my schedule to accommodate you depending on your due date. I sometimes have room for a last minute session but it's risky to plan it that way.

When do we choose a session date if we don't know when baby will arrive?

We usually wait until baby has arrived before we schedule our date. This ensures we can get into the studio between 7-14 days post delivery to capture those sleepy pictures.

What if I'm having a C-section or induction?

We can usually plan in advance if you have a c-section date for your session date. I like to wait at least 10 days post delivery to ensure you have time to heal and recover before coming in.

What happens if my baby needs the NICU?

We wait until everyone is home safe and healthy before shooting. I recently had a baby in the NICU 6 weeks and we still had a beautiful session when she got home.

Can Grandparents be included in the session?

Of course! There is no extra charge to include your family (or fur babies) in the session.

Is there another charge for having twins?

Nope! There is no extra charge for having multiple newborns. Just extra time and images.

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