save 50% off your next 3 mini sessions!

I have 9 mini sessions scheduled for the rest of the year. Pick your favorite 3 to attend and save 50% off each session.

Each session is normally priced at $300 per session plus $100 for a full gallery.

With this sale you can attend 3 mini sessions for $150 each and the gallery pass IS included. That is a $650 savings off 3 mini sessions!


"How long are each session?" ~ Minis are booked for a 10min spot. Perfect for short attention spans and busy families.

"What age is appropriate for the minis?" ~ Minis are great for any age, given the child can sit unassisted. Not great for babies younger than 6months unless they can be held by a sibling.

"How many images are in each mini?" ~ Most galleries yield 15-40 images depending on how many kids you have and how much fun they are having. The membership allows you to pick your favorite 5 images. You can upgrade and purchase additional images or the gallery for a $100 charge per session (unless you purchased the gallery pass which includes all the images)

"What happens if we can't attend a mini?" ~ You can transfer your booking to another mini (if available)

"Is SANTA really included?" ~ LOL Yes! This year the big guy IS included in the membership!

"Are these for just the kids or can we get a family photo?"~ I have specific sessions for Mommy/Me and Daddy/Me sessions this year AND family minis for holiday cards, but yes if you want to grab a spring Easter family portrait, jump in with Santa or family pajama minis we can do that as well.

April 27th/May 4th 2024 Mommy & Me

June 8th 2024 Daddy & Me


August 10th 2024 Back to School

September 14th 2024 Bubbles

October 27th 2024 Halloween

October/November 2024 Family Studio Minis

November 2024 SANTA

December 2024 Pajama Minis (XMAS)