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As a VIP Member for 2024 you get front of the line access to booking all the minis I offer at 50% off. This year there will be 12 minis (yes even SANTA is included).

Come to one, or come to all that is up to you. Your one time membership purchase saves you all year long. You can save even more with the gallery pass.


"How long are each session?" ~ Minis are booked for a 10min spot. Perfect for short attention spans and busy families.

"What age is appropriate for the minis?" ~ Minis are great for any age, given the child can sit unassisted. Not great for babies younger than 6months unless they can be held by a sibling.

"How much is each session with the membership?" ~ Your mini session charge will be $150 for each mini you would like to attend and isn't due until after the session takes place. You can choose how many sessions you want to attend.

"How many images are in each mini?" ~ Most galleries yield 15-40 images depending on how many kids you have and how much fun they are having. The membership allows you to pick your favorite 5 images. You can upgrade and purchase additional images or the gallery for a $100 charge per session (unless you purchased the gallery pass which includes all the images)

"What is a Gallery Pass?" ~ If you have multiple kids or already know you can't choose favorites, then the gallery pass is for you. It is a one time charge that automatically includes ALL the images from EVERY session you attend.

"What happens if we can't attend a mini?" ~ Nothing. You don't pay for a mini until after the session takes place so you aren't charged for sessions you don't attend.

"Is SANTA really included?" ~ LOL Yes! This year the big guy IS included in the membership!

"Are these for just the kids or can we get a family photo?"~ I have specific sessions for Mommy/Me and Daddy/Me sessions this year AND family minis for holiday cards, but yes if you want to grab a spring Easter family portrait, jump in with Santa or family pajama minis we can do that as well.

"How much is the membership?" ~ The VIP Membership is a one time charge of $250. This gives you front of the line access at booking all the minis (even Santa) at the reduced rate of $150 per mini session.

"How much is the gallery pass?" ~ A gallery pass is a one time charge of $250. The gallery pass pays for itself you attend more than one mini and want all the images.

"When is the deadline to become a member?" ~ January 31st

"What happens if I don't become a member? Can I still book a mini session?" ~ It depends. 90% of the time my minis are fully booked with VIP members so I don't offer them to the public. Some popular ones like, Easter/Mommy & Me/Santa/Pajama minis are released to the public.

January 20th 2024 Modern Heirloom Portraits

February 3rd 2024 Valentines Day

March 23rd/24th 2024 Easter

April 27th/May 4th 2024 Mommy & Me

June 8th 2024 Daddy & Me


August 10th 2024 Back to School

September 14th 2024 Bubbles

October 27th 2024 Halloween

October/November 2024 Family Studio Minis

November 2024 SANTA

December 2024 Pajama Minis (XMAS)



One time purchase



one time purchase